Terms & Conditions

A.  The draw is open to Members only. However, anyone may become a Social member of Philipstown Centre Clg. ( The Centre))  and application for a ticket for the draw will also comprise application for membership until 1st June, 2019.  Once you purchase a ticket, you become a social member of Philipstown Centre Clg  –  untilJune 30th   2019 unless   you shall cease to be a member as provided in the rules of the Centre. A copy of the Rules will be provided on application. The cost of the membership until 1st June, 2019 and entry to the draw is €100

Note: The promoters of the draw (being the Steering Group), their professional advisers or those involved with operating the Draw’s Website or administering the Draw ,are not eligible to become a Ticket Holder.

B.  Only those who have purchased this membership ticket are eligible to participate in this draw.

C.  Each ticket will be eligible for all  ( 5 ) prizes. The maximum number of tickets available for sale is 6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred)

D.  Philipstown Centre Clg is established and conducted exclusively for the charitable purposes of  the Centre and not for any purposes connected with gaming, wagering or lotteries.

E.  Any public notice or announcement about this draw is intended as a notice to members of Philipstown Centre Clg or to other persons directly concerned and not the general public.

F.  All members of Philipstown Centre Clg  participating in this draw are subject to the rules of the Centre.

G.  All disputes, differences and questions of any nature which at any time may arise between the purchaser of   a ticket and the organisers of Philpstown Centre Clg ‘Win A House’ draw shall be referred to an independent arbitrator to be nominated by the Chairman of the Centre to determine the dispute, differences or issues.

H.  The Trustees and members of the Executive Committee of the Centre, including the organisers of Philipstown Centre Clg  private membership ‘Win A House’ draw shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any member/members of the Centre participating in the draw.

I.   The first prize is a 3 Bed, Semi-Detached House (No. 41 Woodlands ,Dunleer, Co. Louth).  The winner of the first prize will be entitled to choose either the house (No. 41 Woodlands,Dunleer, Co.Louth) OR a cash sum of €200,000 taken as an alternative to the house ,41 Woodlands,Dunleer,Co.Louth (“the property”) . If the winner opts to accept the prize of 41 Woodlands, Dunleer, County Louth, Title to the property shall within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the draw be transferred to him or her. The legal fees, stamp duties and any other outlays or expenses involved in the Transfer shall be borne by the winner  (save for the Centre’s legal fees and outlays of the Transfer which shall be borne by the Centre.)

J.  The winner(s) of the house will be responsible for all his or her own legal and other costs involved in the conveyancing and registration of the property

K.  The Centre will not be liable for any loss suffered due to any issues in the construction of the house and no warranties as to the state, condition or construction of the house are given nor shall be implied.

L.  The winner(s) of the ‘Win A House’ draw shall accept the fit out and finish of No. 41 Woodlands,Dunleer, Co. Louth, as provided. House Draw Brochure available for viewing on the draw website.

M.  The organisers of this draw shall not derive any personal profit from it. Member personal information shall only be retained for the purpose and duration of the Draw

N.  The charitable purpose of the Draw is for the completion of the  development of the community and sporting  facilities at Philipstown, Dunleer, Co.Louth.

O.  Information about all prizes in this draw can also be found on  winahouse.ie

P.  The draw will be held in St.Kevins  Community Centre on Saturday 1st  June 2019 at 9pm. All members shall be entitled to attend and witness the draw.

Q.  Philipstown Centre Clg reserve the right to change the date of the draw due to any unforeseen circumstances. Any such unavoidable change will be notified to all members on the Centre’s website.

R.  The winning ticket and ticket holder(s) will be subject to verification by Philipstown Centre Clg and their agents. This process may take up to 7 days to complete.

S.  The Centre shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations if caused by factors outside it’s control.

T.  The implementation, conduct and verification of this draw will be fully supervised by an independent adjudicator. The identity of the adjudicator will be notified to all members on the Centre’s website not less than 14 days in advance of the date of the draw.

U.  The centre reserves the right to cancel the Draw/Raffle and if for any reason the Draw shall not proceed, members who purchased membership tickets will be refunded the sum of €95 (the balance of the draw funds being retained by the Centre to defray expenses incurred in the running of the draw; your subscription for membership and a ticket  shall be deemed to be a consent to this retention) and the club shall not be liable in respect of such cancellation save to the extent of the refund.

The minimum number of Ticket Holders required for the draw to take place is 4,000 (four thousand) (“ the minimum number of Ticket Holders”) . If, within 48 hours of the draw taking place, the number of Ticket Holders is less than the minimum number of Ticket Holders, the Draw shall be cancelled or postponed as the Centre sees fit and arrangements made as soon as reasonably possible thereafter to refund €95 to each of the subscribing members.

V.  Membership tickets may not be purchased by Minors, However, an adult may buy one in Trust as a gift for someone under 18 Years.

W.  The terms & conditions herein  shall be governed by Irish Law.